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Fallen Idols Collection


“Just when every day seemed to greet me with a smile”

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Fallen Idols Collection


“With the lights out it’s less dangerous”

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Fallen Idols Collection


“The beautiful ones they hurt you every time”

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Featured Collection

Featured Work


Nice words from happy customers

“Seriously I feel so blessed. I am going to treasure this.”

Catherine Rosser

“I love these so much.”

Sarah Howells

“Dude, this is boss!”

Jason Lynch

“I love it!!! Great work brother!”

Brent Anthony

“Geeez you go alright.”

Coleby Norling

Meet the Artist

About Wayde

Yeah Nice Ink is the home of print artist, Wayde Christie.

Wayde has been creating art for most of his life and his main focus and favourite medium is block printing.

He’s a huge music fan (and frustrated musician) and spends most of his time creating print artworks of his musical heroes.

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